Aviation Art

A subject close to my heart. As a one time Artist Friend of the G.Av A. I had the opportunity for many painting sessions at Duxford, Cambridge and the Shuttleworth Collection.

Nowadays though my aviation artwork is mostly limited to depicting the 381st BG based at Ridgewell during World War Two. The sale of these will be donated (after costs) to the upkeep of the museum at Ridgewell. see rafcamusuem.co.uk

B17 The Joker, a 20x16 inch unframed acrylic painting on canvas suggested £50

Spitfire "City of Wilno" offers

B17 "RAFAAF" of the 381st BG. "To Hell And Back" offers

Elvington's Dakota "Lovely Weather For Daks" painted plein air with the Guild of Aviation Artists.. Acrylic, 20X14inches unframed offers

Email for details

If you wish to make a donation to the museum then please do so via:- rafcamusuem.co.uk