Steam Locomotives

"Churchill's Last Journey "

The People's Farewell

January 26th 1965

This page shows my painting of the Winston Churchill funeral train - The peoples farewell. Along the length of the jouney there were people standing in silence as the funeral train passed.

55 years almost to the day this painting went on show at Erith Model Railway Society's annual show. The Exhibition Guide featured the painting on the front cover and elsewhere there is a photo of myself stood next to the painting. As you can probably tell that I am proud of this painting, I feel that no detail however small has been left out.

There is a wealth of information on this subject to be found on the internet

The loco artwork shown here has been painted using quality oil paints on 60cms X 40cms stretched Italian fine weave cotton canvas which has been well primed using gesso primer. Museum quality wooden bearers includes a centre bar and is ready to be framed.

For sale - £200

Link to information Railway Museum Churchill Exhibition