Various diesel locos

This page showcases some of my diesel loco arwork. There are more pages to be seen by following the links or retracing your steps back to the gallery page

All the diesel loco artwork shown here has been painted using quality oil paints.

This page however shows

16 inches X 12 inches, oil paints on stretched canvas which has been primed with gesso at least four times and are £60 unless marked otherwise,

Class 37 "Concrete Bob" Sir Robert McAlpine on the Wherry Line SOLD

Class 08 "Busy Tides Of Other Days" oil paint on canvas board, £80 double mounted and ready to frame SOLD

Class 24 "In The Shed" £30

Class 31 "In The Shed" £60

Class 31 "One For The Books" SOLD

Class 35 "Hymek!" SOLD

Class 35 Hymek "Going Home" £60

Class 37 In The Sidings £60

Class 37 The Wherry Line £60

Class 50 "In The Shops" SOLD

Class 52 (Western) "Western Summer" SOLD

Drewry Tram "Into Outwell" SOLD

40hp Simplex "The Tin Turtle" £60