This page showcases some of my diesel loco arwork. There are more pages to be seen by following the links or retracing your steps back to the gallery page

All the diesel loco artwork shown here has been painted using quality oil paints on 16inch X 12 inch stretched cotton canvas which has been well primed using gesso primer.


Small 10 inch x 12 inch unframed painting on fine canvas of a class 40. SOLD

A painting of DP1 hauling a MTU "Testing Times" 16X12 inch oil painting on canvas SOLD

"Autumn In The Dales" shows a green/small warning panel Deltic crossing a bridge. 16X12 inch oil painting on canvas £60

Alycidon - In The Shed - SOLD

Alycidon At Speed - £60

To fill up this webspace I am including some SOLD Deltic (and baby deltic) artwork