Steam Locomotives

"Engine 69 "

White Pass and Yukon Route

This page showcases my oil painting of this iconic American railroad.

Portaryed here passing Inspiration Point.

At the time of completion Engine 69 was one of the heaviest narrow gauge, outside-frame locomotives built by Baldwin. It was capable of tackling grades of 3.9 percent and curves and radiuses of up to 20 degrees. The tractive power of No.69 was equivalent to that of many standard-gauge engines.

In the course of its now-100-year history, the venerable Baldwin 2-8-0 has served in two countries. Engine No. 69 will soon sound its whistle across the majestic mountains of Alaska & the Yukon.

All the loco artwork shown here has been painted using quality oil paints on 16inch X 12 inch stretched cotton canvas which has been well primed using gesso primer.

For sale - £95

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