A little bit about me

Based in Great Clacton, Essex, I'm a self-taught artist. Around 30 years ago I used oil paints but the smell of dear old turps soon put a stop to that and so I took up acrylic and watercolour paints. Not so long ago I took up oil painting again using odourless turps and have not looked back since.

I paint in a converted garage which is my studio, but winter time can see me indoors close to a nice warm radiator.... I do not like the cold! I am definitely a fair weather person. I don't mind doing quick sketches outdoors

Some days I feel the almost need to pick up brushes and get painting. Whether just for my own enjoyment or for private commission, I love to use my brushes and paints to capture a likeness onto canvas. I try for a photographic smoothness, but do not always achieve this, but somewhere in between, regardless, the end result should be an accurate observation, and give the viewer something pleasing to look at.
From time to time I vary my subject matter by including a lot more landscape or seascape. What you see here on this website are paintings that I do for my own pleasure.
I am available for private commission work and also exhibiting my railway art alongside model exhibitions - the photo of me was taken at the Erith show Jan 26th 2020.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to just say "hi".